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Sports Betting Singapore

In online casino Singapore, sports betting Singapore is a popular game that will be included in an online casino site.

The multi-billion dollar sports betting industry has been around for a long time. Instead of visiting their local bookmakers as they once would have done, Singapore gamblers can now place wagers on the results of sporting events from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the Internet. Moreover, the increasing popularity of sports betting can be seen through the increasing of sports broadcasting rights fees too which has determined that more people are spending money and time on watching sports over the years.

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Top 4 Popular Sports in Singapore

Sports Betting Singapore - Gaming Providers


CMD368 will provide various types of sports betting options for you to play including football, basketball, badminton, cricket and many more.


M8bet is a mobile app that allows users to bet on sports games and events. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions: Sports Betting Singapore

Yes, since Singapore Pools was established in 1968, sports betting has been permitted in Singapore. In 2016, it became allowed to wager online. You can register at Yes8 Asia and start placing online bets on your preferred sports.
While other sites allow betting on a wide variety of sports, Singapore Pools only provides betting on football, motorsports, and horse racing. Additionally, these overseas websites frequently have more enticing odds than the Singapore Pools.
At Yes8 Asia, you can start playing Singapore sports betting after your first deposit using bank transfers, VISA, Mastercard, EeziePay, and many others. All of these payment methods could ensure you have a quick deposit and withdrawal process.


How to Select a Legit and Best Sports Betting Sites?

Although there are many online casinos Singapore that are licensed and trusted enough, if you are looking to choose legit and best sports betting sites to guarantee the betting experience, there are only plenty of them. Below are the 3 key points for you consider when choosing a reliable sports betting site:

Payment Methods

When you are looking to play in sports betting Singapore, payment methods provided must be the top worry of you. Hence, the first point to seek the legit sports betting sites in Singapore is the sites must provide secure and safe payment methods.

Sports betting Singapore, such as Yes8SG, is providing numerous safe payment options available, including bank transfers, debit card, VISA, Mastercard, EeziePay, and many others. You can also benefit from the quick deposit and withdrawal processes at Yes8. All players will receive their money promptly and without any delays.

Bonuses and Promotions

Secondly, bonuses and promotions are another concern for Singapore players. Bonuses and promotions are the key items that could boost the winning opportunity of the players during sports betting. Hence, in order to select the best sports betting sites, you should take a look at the sites and see what’s the top bonuses provided for sports betting games. As an example, Yes8 Sports Betting Singapore provides a FREE bet for all new players who conduct their first bet on sportsbook. Sports betting players can claim up to SGD300 with terms and conditions for their first bet.

Various Sports Betting Options

Sports betting games providers are important when choosing reliable sports betting sites in Singapore. Trusted games providers such as CMD368 will provide various types of sports betting options for you to play including football, basketball, badminton, cricket and many more. Hence, you have to select an online casino in Singapore that is collaborating with top sports betting games providers which will have various games for you to enjoy.

How Can I Start My First Sports Betting?

If you are looking forward to your first sports betting in Singapore, you should register an account in one of the trusted online casinos Singapore first. For example, if you are a member of Yes8 Online Casino Singapore, you can start your first sports betting at Yes8SG which is a secure site to start sports betting. During the registration process, you have to submit some necessary information such as email ID, phone number and so on for the verification purpose of your online betting account.

After you have been registered as a player at online casino Singapore, you have to conduct your first deposit at the online casino sites with payment methods provided. You can redeem bonuses and promotions provided by the sites to boost your deposits funds too. Once you have conducted your first deposit, you can click the “Sports” session at the online casino site to have your first sports betting in Singapore.